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6413 39th Ave, Woodside, NY 11377
7188999599 map of location
  • Thai
Sripraphai Tipmanee came to New York 33 years ago starting out as a nurse. With the ambition of being her own boss, she started her electrical appliance store known as “Bangkok Trading” She was doing very well by targeting Thai student who enjoy shipping American branded goods and appliances back home. Not until a couple of years later when these American companies started their business directly in Thailand bringing the price differentiation closer. As business prospect declined, Sripraphai decided to sell her appliance store. She then started her little bakery and Thai dessert center. The bakery did not do so well, however, Sripraphai recognize that there were quite a number of Thai people living the area. As a result, this little shop was converted bit by bit to a tiny Thai restaurant. Three years later she moved to the present location. It was not until middle of 2003 that she has an opportunity to buy building on both of her sides.
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