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83 Exchange St, Portland, ME 04101
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Sonny's bar and lounge inhabits the grand historic space that was the old Portland Savings Bank and more recently F.Parker Reidy's. Built after the great fire of 1866 the 83 Exchange street building is perhaps the finest example of ornate antebellum architecture  in New England's most beautiful northern sea town. During renovation great care was taken to preserve the integrity of the space and the new additions of bar and booth seating were carefully designed and executed by local craftsmen.                                                                                                               Continuing the farm to table tradition established at Local 188, chef Jay Villani and chef de cuisine Ethan Tobey infuse local ingredients with the flavors of  Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and the Southwestern U.S.  Pastry chef Gabrielle Girard keeps things homey but with finesse and baker Chresten Sorensen makes the most delicious brioche buns, cubano rolls and olive breads for both restaurants.                                                                                             Jon Clemons is the creative force behind Sonny's amazing cocktail list and infusion program. The beer selections reflect  a love affair with American craft brews but for those who like to keep things simple, high life is always on draft. The wine list mirrors the cuisine and is therefore predominantly new world with specialization in California, Oregon, Argentina and Chile. Floor manager Kelly Nelson challenges her old world palate every day putting together a list that complements the food.
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