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Rustic Inn Crabhouse

4331 Ravenswood Rd, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312
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  • Seafood
If the walls of the Rustic Inn™ could talk, you would hear a different story every day for the rest of your life. From the time of its birth in 1955 to the present, our fame brings would travelers to our door and keeps the locals coming back. The history of this family-owned landmark goes back over 50 years to the early days of sight- seeing boats and Seminole Indians wrestlin'gators, and even a beer drinking pig! Back then, patrons included Arthur Godfrey, Frances Langford, Ginny Simms and Ralph Evinrude. Now, famous faces such as Armand Assante, Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Depp, Dan Marino and a few oth­ers occasionally pop in to indulge. The People that enjoy Rustic Inn If you look closely, you may be able to spot a celebrity in the midst. The original Rustic Inn™ Crabhouse began as a roadhouse saloon. As time went by, our hole-in-the-wall grew up, keeping with the demand for steamed crabs, linguini with homemade sauces and other popular dishes. Then one night, a customer tasted a crab cooked in the owner's secret family recipe, a taste that would soon revolutionize crabs as we know them. Hence, our World Famous Garlic Crabs™ and the Craze began.
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