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Red Front

128 Clinton Ave N, Rochester, NY 14604
5854544255 map of location
we are a multi-faceted family-owned, and operated, business. We serve many different people and generations. And, we offer them more services now than we have ever in the past.
We are an Italian Fast-Food Restaurant. Our ancestors were from Sicily and we have been brought up with many old style Sicilian recipes. So, our food comes out with that flare. Our Homemade Italian Sausage is a recipe that has been handed down for 60+ years. I still make my mother's sauces 
Now, we do serve many different types of people. SO, there are some Spanish hints, Southern tastes, and Irish batters in the mix. Basically, you need to try everyone of our dishes. Each has its own style and taste, from the plain hamburg to the tasty Red Front Stromboli.
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