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John and Mary's

1819 Abbott Rd, Buffalo, NY 14218
7168230714 map of location
In 1951 John Guida told his sister Rose, (who later opened and owned Mama Roses) that he was going to open a sandwich shop on Harlem road in Cheektowaga.  When Rose saw where he was going to buy she asked him if he planned to sell to dead people because the building was across from a cemetery.
In 1952 Johnny’s opened it doors for the first time with three sandwiches; the Regular, (Cappacolla) for .50 cents, the royal (Cappacolla and Sausage) for .75 cents, and the Sausage for 60 cents.  Later around 1954 the A-Bomb was added, which was Sausage and home made hot sauce.
John opened the restaurant and called it Johnny’s… well that lasted about a minute because Mary told him either her name goes up on the sign or “the hell with him”  needless to say her name went up very quickly!
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