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Joe Theismann's Restaurant

1800 Diagonal Rd, Alexandria, VA 22314
7037390777 map of location
  • Seafood
Since that time, chain restaurants with stamped out menus and prescribed service have attempted to dominate the dining scene. “Sports bars” with their limited menus and loud spaces have proliferated and fizzled. Joe Theismann's, on the other hand, has survived the test of time and competition by continuing to serve comfort and good service along with excellent cuisine. The food is prepared fresh according to seasonal trends and customer preference. The staff is friendly and attentive. The patrons are pleased. Joe Theismann's concept and camaraderie have had staying power. Yet, the restaurant continues to evolve; staying aware of just what it is for which the crowd “hungers” today. It is on the cutting edge in TV technology (even a TV line up in the men's room), but the high score is for an exceptional dining experience. The menu ranges from Sea Bass in Corn husks to serious snacks. The prices include the full meal rather than conforming to the a la carte trend. The reservation log shows tables for one, families, and regular group banquets and parties. Joe Theismann's bridges the gap between pricier, stuffy places and pre-fab food, “fast casual” spots. The result is a loyal following that encompasses “regular” daily customers, visiting tourists, celebrities, local workers and residents. Stop in to Joe Theismann's Restaurant. Come for happy hour or book your next big event. Become a regular, as so many have.
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