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Jerk Hill

6543 Ager Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20782
3014226351 map of location
Barry and Millicent Bucknor have a reputation for their food. Millicent, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, loves cooking for big gatherings of family and friends. Barry, who hails from Montego Bay, Jamaica, makes a jerk chicken recipe that everybody enjoys. Now his dream is a reality with the opening of Jerk Hill Café. And the passion that he and Millicent bring to their food, as well as the thought and planning they have put into starting the business, seem to bode well for this humble outpost of Jamaican home cooking. Fish is another of Jerk Hill’s specialties. In addition to the Jamaican national dish that blends salted codfish and a savory fruit called ‘‘ackee”, Millicent prepares a variety of fish each day. Butterfish — Barry’s favorite because it’s a very meaty fish with only one bone — as well as codfish, kingfish, red snapper and other varieties are available fried and escoveitched with vinegar, onions and peppers.
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