Jefferson's Restaurant

743 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

http://www.jeffersonsrestaurant.com/ map of location
The Original Jefferson’s Restaurant opened in Jacksonville, AL. on September 15, 1991. I had graduated from Jacksonville State University in 1990 and thought that the college desperately needed a local hangout. After putting my college degree to no use for a year, I decided the time was right. Begging my parents for a loan and selling my treasured baseball card collection for the financing. The restaurant finally opened with a tiny menu in 1991. Jefferson’s was an immediate hit. People loved the huge juicy Burgers, fresh gulf oysters and world famous- delicious wings. Over the next 8 years we expanded our menu and developed a dedicated “Cult” like following. In 1999, I partnered up with long time employee and friend Sean McCooey to expand the Jefferson’s brand.
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