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Horseradish Grill

4320 Powers Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30342
4042557277 map of location
The restaurant known today as "Horseradish Grill," actually began as a country store which once existed alongside Powers Ferry Road in the days when the byway was little more than a dusty dirt trail. Today, swank neighborhoods exist on what once was fertile farmland.An early entrepreneur named John Adam Langford purchased 200 acres in this vicinity to grow corn, cotton, and sorghum cane. He also planted an orchard of apple, plum, pear, and fig trees, and he built a small store where he sold canned goods, flour and other staples. Unfortunately, Mr. Langford was too lenient with credit and when too many customers failed to pay, his store folded.In the 1930's, it was demolished when Powers Ferry was widened. Some years later, another Langford caught the family itch for retailing, and re-erected the store near its original site. In this tiny country grocery—which today is the bar area of Horseradish Grill—this later Langford sold hot dogs and hamburgers and other groceries
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