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2421 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
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The Cylcops' Cafe has quite a past. We've been around for __ years and moved locations. Cyclops now resides in the Hotel Latona building, which used to be the Peniel Mission (now known as City Team Ministries).
The following history is written by Cynthia Rose of the Seattle Times.
It's unlikely many remember the Hotel Latona. But the bohemian Cyclops gained a national reputation. It grew out of a Western Avenue cafe, the Free Mars, which was established in 1985. The restaurant was housed in another vintage building, the Niles, a 1909 rooming house later used as artist hous- ing. In 1992, the building became notable when artist Diane Sukovathy covered its walls with Jell-O molds.
By then, the Mars had become the Cyclops Cafe - run by artists Gina Kaukola and John Hawkley. The couple made it into a Belltown landmark, a hangout favored by grunge stars, painters, writers, actors and visitors. The Cyclops had a three-dimensional eye above its door, which - along with Sukovathy's Jell-O molds - started appearing in films, on television and on the Internet.
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