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Clam Shack

2 Western Ave, Kennebunk, ME 04043
2079673321 map of location
Perched at the bridge over the Kennebunk River, the Clam Shack provides a classic visual welcome to visitors. The tiny, immaculate fish shack serves award winning fried food, traditional boiled lobster dinners and lobster rolls served on freshly baked buns from a local bakery. A fresh lemonade stand and, for the truly indulgent, fried dough, are additional temptations. While the Clam Shack's food is it's biggest draw (just try to resist it if you're stuck in Dock Square summertime traffic!), a close second is the sheer experience of dining at the Clam Shack. All dishes are take away, and diners eat al fresco on wooden benches and lobster crates, watching a colorful parade of passerby. Or you can find a spot on the narrow boardwalk that sits directly on the river, and watch striped bass and mallard ducks come up under the pilings looking for dropped treats. Locals know better than to sit on the bridge, but if you're brave, sit there for a spectacular view of the river and Dock Square. Beware of the brazen seagulls, who know a good thing when they see it.
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