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Chaya Japanese Cuisine

2032 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
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  • Japanese
Welcome to Chaya Japanese Cuisine's website! We present the best in real sushi and Japanese cuisine in Pittsburgh since 2001. In our endless pursuit for perfect taste in authentic Japanese cuisine, we prepare all our food with care and passion. Whether you are a Japanese food lover, or a new comer to the taste, we will try our best to accomodate your needs. We offer authentic Japanese cuisine in Pittsburgh since 2001. The name "Chaya" means a resting place where travelers could rest and take a light meal while traveling in feudal Japan. We hope our Chaya can serve as a place for refreshments along your long journey of life Since its opening in November, 2001, Chaya has been crowded with Japanese food lovers.Chaya's price range starts as low as $10 per entree, while "kaiseki" special course meals can be $80 or more. What is worth noting is that Chaya's food is served in "American" quantities while made with close to 100% Japanese taste. We serve the same dishes as restaurants in Japan, with the same quality, but 1.5 times the quantity.
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