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Celestino's Meats

270 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
2703178478 map of location
Our Menu Is Loaded With All-Natural Meats, Jerky, Cheese, And Deli Selections. We Also Carry A Wide Variety Of Fresh Sandwiches & Hot Deli Favorites! All of our selections are made using the finest ingredients, and we go the extra mile to get the most high-end meats in Costa Mesa! We use only the finest hormone-free meats for our steaks, ribs, cuts, deli slices, and sandwiches. Everything we prepare for you is cut right from the bone using the best meat you can find in Costa Mesa! Whether you're ordering for a large dinner or Bar-B-Cue, or a top-notch meal for two, your meats will consistently delight your senses and treat you with the best quality you can find.
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