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Broder's Pasta Bar

5000 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419
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Broders' was inspired by a trip to Bologna, Italy. This first serious trip to Italy complete with cooking classes changed the way we thought about food and the way we cook. We discovered that the roots of Italian cuisine lie in rustic, uncomplicated peasant cooking but, as with so many things Italian, it is synthesized to the point of pure, heavenly art. Its unparalleled flavor is a result of integrity to fresh, indigenous ingredients through simplicity of preparation.
When we got home, we decided to create a place that tasted as good as that trip to Italy. A place where people could find high quality ingredients and preparations essential to great Italian cooking; a place where employees can be proud of the discernible difference they make in the consumer food market; a recipe of continuous education for all.
So, if you have a moment for a quick break or the time for a longer retreat, we hope Broders' can be a special place where you can stop and enjoy the trip.
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